After your referral

What happens once you've been referred to the Student Wellbeing Service.

Next steps

Your referral will be assessed by a Lead Wellbeing Adviser who will decide what wellbeing support is required and who is best placed to provide support to you.  The possible decisions are to:

  1. Signpost to a relevant internal or external support unit.

  2. Pass the referral to the student's first point of contact at the School/Deanery.

  3. If a student is in University-managed accommodation, pass the referral to the Residence Life Team or provide joint support.

  4. Allocate the referral to a Wellbeing Adviser to offer short-term wellbeing support.

Referral to a Wellbeing Adviser

Once you have been referred to the Student Wellbeing Service, you will be contacted and a meeting will be set up so that you can discuss the issues you might be having.

This meeting can be in-person, online or over the phone, depending on what is more suitable for you.

The Wellbeing Adviser will carry out a detailed assessment and will develop an action plan for your wellbeing support.  They will share the plan with you which will allow for you being further supported at the School/Deanery or by other internal or external support resources.     

During the wellbeing support provision, your allocated Student Adviser, and other Student Support Staff will be kept informed about the case, actions and resolutions.

Signposting to additional support

Based on your conversation with the Wellbeing Adviser, and if required, you may discuss additional services at the University, such as our Student Counselling Service or the Disability and Learning Support Service, Institute for Academic Development or the Chaplaincy.

If you are not a member of the University community

We will make contact with the student and let them know this has been done and then assess the situation accordingly. We may not be able to share further information with you depending on the student's wishes, but will ask them to contact the person making the referral.